Spinning Targets

spinning target for air rifle
Spinning Target Attached to a Post

Spinning targets offer a great target to shoot at without the hassle of setting them up all the time or resetting them between shots like knock over targets. These are great reactive targets for your garden or shooting range and can be a lot more fun than shooting paper.

Spinning targets (spinners) come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, buying the right one for you is important. They can be set up in minutes by sticking them in the ground or set up permanently by screwing them into trees, walls, shed or posts.

Spinning Target Safety

Because of the nature of spinning targets it’s important that you have a strong and suitable backstop to catch pellets that may miss and continue traveling in your garden or rifle range. Do not attach these to fence panels, boundary fences or anything else that offers no real protection for the occasional miss.

Best Spinning Targets for air Rifles

Self Resetting Spinning Target
This target is one of my favourites that I own. It offers 4 lower spinners which spin and are caught on a cross bar and then you shoot the top spinner to reset them.

That’s fun, but the most useful part of this product is it fits in my ruck sack which I take on hunting trips and it simply folds out and it’s ready to shoot. It’s so useful on hunting trips as it allows me to quickly check my zero before heading out to shoot quarry.

This target is ideal for someone’s garden where you may not be allowed to set up targets permanently. It takes 2 seconds to fold out and put away. It stores perfectly flat so it takes up no room in your shed.

Gr8Fun Double Spinner and Reset
This a great product from Gr8Fun which has 4 spinners of different sizes and reset in the middle. The target is very heavy and extremely well made and works faultlessly.

This is perfect for a gun club or garden. This is a target that will outlast you even if shot 100’s of times a day, it’s really top quality engineering as you would expect from Gr8Fun who make some amazing gear.

It’s a perfect practice target for FT and HFT shooters looking for something to shoot at home during lockdown.

Gr8Fun 6 Spinner Rack
This rack of spinners has 6 different sizes from 15mm to 40mm. It’s another great option for FT and HFT shooters who have to shoot targets to these sizes.

You can’t see it in the photo but the legs are T shaped which enables the target to sit on any flat surface but it is kind of bulk and annoying to store… My friend bought this target and thinks very highly of it, he has had it for 3 years and once it’s painted up it looks brand new.

The spinners are made from 3mm thick steel and are not even dented from years of shooting, it’s very impressive.

Jack Pyke 4 Pack of Spinners
When I started to take HFT shooting seriously I wanted to set up a range at home where I could shoot after work and practice my standers. I thought these targets would be perfect so I ordered a set.

I ended up putting them inside my shed, when I wanted to shoot I would open the door and they were screwed into the back wall on brackets I made up with a 5mm steel backstop. I would shoot them from my kitchen window so neighbours could not see me and it also helped keep the noise inside. It was brilliant.

These targets are great value and are still working like new 5 years later. For what they cost me I am stunned, they are one of my best purchases in all my years shooting.

They are what they are, bits of metal and a screw but for a few quid each I love them.

Animal Shaped Spinning Target
I have a number of spinning targets in my back garden and at least 3 of them are this design which features a small bird and a circle on the bottom.

They are what they are and work fine. These screw into things such as sheds, posts, walls and trees. They blend in quite well, I tend to repaint them with cheap spray paint once a week so I can see pellet strikes for find tuning but they work exactly as you would expect and offer great value for the price point.

I have a friend who bought one of these who has to screw it in at his allotment every time he goes, he ended up replacing the screw shortly after purchase as it was soft and quickly got chewed up. That’s not a surprise but if you have to set targets up every time consider a different type of target or screw this to a small post you can poke into the ground instead.

Jack Pyke Single Mini Spinning Target
This target sticks in the ground and it’s ready to go. It used to be my favourite target for checking my zero before a hunting session until winter came along and one day I would not get it into the ground… It was -8 Celsius which admittedly doesn’t happen very often but since then it’s been in my garden and it’s become part of my home range.

I also had an issue where it poked a hole through the bottom of my hunting pack, but that could be my own fault. The pokey end of this is very sharp which is a good thing for what it does.

The target is a great option for hiding inbetween garden flower beds or hunting for all but those winter months. It’s not very good for concrete though so if you have a paved garden it may not be for you.

Gr8Fun 5 Pack of Screw In Spinning Targets
I’ve already fanboyed out about the quality of Gr8Fun products but on this occasion I’m not going to recommend them…

If you want screw in targets like this get the Jack Pyke multipack above. I feel bad for saying this as the Gr8Fun products are better made and also made in Britain but for something this simple go with the cheaper target set. You could get multiple Jack Pyke sets for what these will cost.

Spend the extra on pellets, or just buy more targets. This 5 set does come in multiple sizes though which is a nice feature.

Gamo Competition Target
This is a target that was a gift from my wife and it’s one of the best things she’s bought me. This target is absolutely perfect for when you’re shooting with a friend or looking for something completely different.

It’s a competition, by shooting the spinners on the side the Gamo logo in the middle moves. The first person to move their logo to the opposite end wins. This can bring out the inner competitor in anyone, particularly when tactics begin to play. If you can make your target move you can also make your competitors move in the opposite direction…

This is a game of skill, accuracy and speed are important. It’s great fun though, highly recommended if you have friends to shoot it with.

3 Spinner Target Rack
This is the last target on review and it’s at the bottom for a reason, it’s not great.

My main problem with this is the spinning targets themselves are welded (poorly) to the arm that holds them which are separated by further blobs of poor welding. This was built for a price and it’s immediately obvious. The target lasted me less than a year before the welds started to fail, targets came off their stems and also travelled next to each other and got tangled up.

The discs are also quite big, it’s really not much of a challenge to his things this big. This is one to avoid.

Spinning Target Backstops

If you’re looking to buy some of these targets for your back garden it’s important to know the safety aspects and legal side to shooting at home. This guide from BASC covers all of the basics from building a back stop to knowing what you can and can’t legally do.

It’s great information. Thinking about where your pellets go after missing is extremely important when setting up some permanent targets like the screw in spinners listed above. A solid backstop is required and learning to make a silent backstop might just keep your neighbours friendly.

As listed in the article spinning targets have safety concerns as the pellets can go at almost any direction after striking the target. It’s best that these targets are placed in boxes which stop this, or even outbuildings like sheds or garages.

An air rifle spinning target back stop.
A backstop made from 5 paving slabs and a bag of sand.

The backstop you can see above is a simple solution made from 5 paving slabs which you can probably find for free on gumtree or facebook and a £2 bag of sand from B and Q. It should contain every pellet that enters it extremely quietly as the sand will absorb all the energy of the pellet.

It’s a good idea to prolong the life of the sand bag by taping over holes, or you can just replace it. These sand bags are just a few quid.

Another option might be to utilise an old bookcase or shelving unit as my friend has below.

An old shelving unit constructed into a backstop fit for a king.

This was an old bookcase from his parents house that they were clearing out. He removed a few shelves, modified the top so water doesn’t settle and placed thick rubber horse stall mats at the back to absorb pellet energy and reduce noise. It’s not as effective as sand for noise but it does a fantastic job of prevent stray pellets from exiting his property.

You can see he’s done a great job of adding a few spinning targets below, most of which I believe he made himself at work.