Air rifle targets, about page.
Airgun shooting can be enjoyed by everyone!

I’ve been shooting airguns my entire life, from back yard tin can plinking with my dad as a kid to shooting in the HFT world championships. I’ve seen every level of the sport and it’s something I’ll probably do until I die.

Airgun shooting is something I absolutely love and is a sport I truly believe is one of the best out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, a child or an adult… Everyone is out there on a near equal footing. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s not something too commonly available.

Promoting the safe use of airguns is something we should all aim to do and it’s this aim that drove me to build this website. After getting a friend into the sport I saw what they were doing in their back garden… It wasn’t right and wasn’t safe.

They had been online and read some very poor information, which lead them to build a poor back stop and use targets which were just not suitable. With an couple of hours of help and a few paving slabs I built him something much more suitable. It made me think about how many accidents waiting to happen were out there all over the country and this website is my solution to help preventing those accidents.

What are our goals?

The goals of Air Rifle Targets is:

  • Promote the safe use of airguns
  • Provide free and easy to follow advice to shooters
  • Help shooters buy the right targets for their situation
  • Promote exciting new products in the industry

How do we do this?

We complete these goals by providing this website free to all who view it. If you’re out there trying to be a millionaire or hoping to change the world you do not build a website which is this incredibly niche.

However, if you love the sport of airgun shooting and want to prevent accidents from happening which give those who want to ban my sport ammo… Then it starts to make sense. I promote the sport of airgun shooting by providing FREE and IMPARTIAL content with the aim of EDUCATING people.

Why do we do this?

Because it’s lockdown 2.0 as I write this and I’m really bored. It’s also fun, I bought this domain drunk and needed to do something with it.