Air Rifle Targets

When you first get into shooting buying air rifle targets is often overlooked. Many of us shoot tin cans or perhaps paper, but this soon becomes boring and you want to shoot something more interesting that doesn’t make a mess of your garden.

Thankfully there is pretty much an endless supply of air rifles targets to pick from, 100’s of designs from targets that explode to basic spinners that react when shot. Buying something that keeps you interested and also provides a challenge to you is a great investment in the sport of air rifle shooting.

This website will cover many different types of air rifle targets and hopefully open your eyes to some of the many options out there that you have not seen before. We aim to provide information on the safety considerations for each different type of target too.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re the next budding HFT world champion or a back garden plinker, our reviews will have you covered and will ensure you can build both a safe and challenging rifle range that builds your skill levels and keeps you interested.

Best Air Rifle Targets

Finding the best air rifle targets for you depends on what kind of space you are shooting in and what you will personally find most interesting. For example if you’re going to be shooting in your back garden then exploding targets might not be suitable.

Air rifle targets can be sorted into these basic categories, to keep the website organised we have split up our reviews into these categories:

Airgun Targets

For those who want quick answers and are not interested in our reviews, that’s fine too. Here are some great options for air rifle targets.

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